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Using Gridwire for Bird Control

Oct 14

Gridwire, a bird repellent product, can be effective against large birds. If your customers are having trouble with geese, you may be curious if gridwire might be an effective solution. You can learn more about gridwire and how it's used, as well as the scenarios in which it could be useful for bird control.

What is Gridwire and

Gridwire is an exclusion technique that deters large pest birds. Gridwire is made of multiple cables of different thicknesses. They can be used for protection on roofs and in other areas where large birds gather. Professionals can place gridwire in a variety of horizontal and vertical patterns to deter large aquatic birds. You can protect lakes and parking lots from geese, gulls and other large aquatic birds.

Gridwire installation takes more time than other methods. It can still be used in cases where other bird repellents might fail. Before you choose gridwire as your only option, it is best to speak with your customer. Discuss why other options are not working and what issues may make gridwire ineffective.

Gridwire Installation

Installing gridwire is more difficult than other forms of bird management. As with all exclusion products, gridwire installation must be tailored to specific bird species. You attach the bases to the roof/structure at specific intervals. Grid spacings can vary depending on where you are and what species you are.

After the bases are installed, cables of various thicknesses will be tethered in a grid across the roof. Bird control specialists with extensive experience with intermediate or advanced projects are best to use this method.

Rooftop Geese Dangers

Many people are shocked to discover that geese nest all over the roofs of their homes. Geese can nest on any rooftop, whether it is a warehouse, commercial building, or a household rooftop. They are migratory birds, so nesting in urban areas is not uncommon.

It may not seem like much, but there are many reasons that you don't want geese in your home or workplace. Here are some facts to consider before you think about feeding migratory birds.

  • * An adult goose can produce 2 lbs of excrement daily.
  • * Nesting geese have a very protective nature and can be aggressive towards anyone who gets near their nesting area, eggs, or goslings.
  • * Bird excrement could clog gutters and contaminate the standing water.
  • * Geese are attracted to certain roofing materials and can cause significant damage or leakage.

Canada geese can be protected within the United States by Federal Law. It is illegal for you to harm eggs, nests, and goslings. It is legal to kill Canadian Geese in the United States. However, the eggs, nests, goslings, and geese must not be harmed.

Gridwire for Geese: Does it Work?

The effectiveness of gridwire in geese situations and locations will affect its effectiveness. Adult geese fly well over rooftops to land. The altitude gives them an advantage over nearby predators and makes it logical to use them for nesting. Geese also have access to water, food, and shelter because they live near humans.

This makes roofs the perfect place to nest for nearly any type of bird. Heavy pressure areas can be more difficult to control than other bird control methods. Gridwire could theoretically be the solution. Gridwire may be the perfect solution for your project, but it is up to you to determine what the factors are.

Gridwire Roofs

Netting is used in many areas to stop birds from nesting under roofs. Howevrer, netting isn't recommended in snowy and ice areas. The netting could become too slippery and unusable. Gridwire is a good alternative in such cases. Gridwire can deter larger birds and gulls like geese. It can be an effective way to deter geese from nesting on roofs before installation.

Geese are extremely protective parents. If there is an existing nest on your roof, the geese will likely try harder for their young.

The problem must be addressed as soon as possible. Even if gridwire has been effective at keeping geese off your rooftops, it is possible for stubborn birds to cause grid lines to be broken. Gridwire is an excellent long-term solution for keeping geese away from your roof.

Gridwire can be very effective in keeping geese out of roofs and other areas that are open to them. Gridwire might not be the best method for keeping geese away in all situations. You should consider why geese choose your location to nest and work to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Most cases, a combination is better than one method for deterring birds. This could be as simple as using visual deterrents to discourage birds from nesting on your property.

Final Thoughts about Gridwire for Geese Management

You can be a pest specialist that adds bird control services to your existing line of services, or you can be a full-time bird controller specialist. It is crucial to have a diverse skill set. The key to successful bird control is the ability to find the best solution in each case. Gridwire is also featured on our "Five Things to Know", series.

Gridwire might not be the best method for deterring birds, but it's an effective option that can be used in areas where there is a lot of snow. The following are other products that you should consider for geese. Daddi Long Legs can be used in a specific nesting zone or to cover the entire roof at a much lower price than Gridwire. Optical Gel, which can be used when budget is a problem. Bird Barrier bird control specialists can provide information about various bird control products and training. No matter where your career is at bird control, there's always more to learn.

Bird Barrier

Solid Avian Solutions leads the way in innovative technology for birds that can prevent them from landing, nesting, or roosting. Our specialty is urban bird management to eradicate birds safely and humanely. Our website,, hosts a wealth of content to help people understand and identify bird control solutions for various problems with pest birds. Contact us if you have any questions about birds. Bird Deterrents is The Complete Guide, a free guide that you can download for your benefit.

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