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Consider These Benefits When Hiring a House Cleaner

Sep 27

A person on average spends 24 hours cleaning their home each month. A person spends almost 24 hours a month cleaning their home. Instead of spending their time doing other activities or spending time with their loved ones.

Hire a professional maid service to help you get more out of your day.

Do you feel like you spend too much time cleaning? They will give you more time to do other things.

This guide will explain the many benefits of hiring a professional maid service and why Redmond Oregon House Cleaning is recommended.


A professional maid company will be meticulous. They pay attention to every crevice and crack in your home. They use special cleaning equipment designed to get in the corners and crevices.

The cleaning company can also clean those areas that are frequently overlooked. Some of these areas include:

  • Ceiling fan blades
  • Blinds or shutters
  • Light fixtures
  • Baseboards
  • The refrigerator's top
  • Cabinet door fronts
  • Backsplashes

A person cleaning their home may not notice that the ceiling fan blades or top of the fridge are on their list. A maid service professional will come clean everything you forget about when you clean your house.

Eliminate Bacteria

A professional cleaner will have the knowledge and tools to remove harmful bacteria and germs from your home. They will know the best methods to remove any organisms or viruses that may be hiding on your floors and countertops. They will be able tell you the right chemicals to use to disinfect your home.

You may find that the cleaning products you use in your home can just be used to move around bacteria, rather than killing it. A professional cleaning crew can inspect your house and determine what areas have been neglected. You might be too focused on disinfecting countertops. But what about light switches or doorknobs.

A maid service will use High-Efficiency Particulate Air vacuums (HEPA), to remove dust and allergens. These vacuums can also remove particles from air that the average homeowner might not have. The professional equipment will decrease the dust allergy of people living in your house.

Clean Your Home with Deep Cleaning

If you hire a professional maid services, they can come in as often or as little as you want. They can perform light cleaning or more thorough cleaning in a matter of weeks. This ensures that your home is clean all the time, which eliminates stress and worries.

Talk with the cleaning company to discuss your needs and create a cleaning schedule. Because they are able to focus on different areas throughout the year, the cleaning company can provide thorough cleaning. You can trust them to know the areas that need attention.

There are likely certain cleaning tasks that you've avoided because they require a lot of effort. They might also be too time-consuming for your already busy schedule.

Professional cleaning services clean every inch of your home. They'll clean everything you've put off.

Tips for Hiring Professional Maid Service

Once you've decided to hire a Redmond Oregon professional to clean your home, it is important to understand certain details before hiring them. You trust them to clean your home.

Interview with Company

Asking questions about the company you're considering hiring is not enough. Talk to the person cleaning your home. You want to feel at ease with each person who comes into your home. You need to assess the expertise and experience the company has and the members of its staff.

During your interview, make sure you ask about their services. To help you notice areas that you might have overlooked in your cleaning, they are coming in. You want to make sure they provide more than basic cleaning services.

Professional cleaners should bring their own tools and supplies. Ask the company what cleaning supplies they use and why.

Request References

Ask your maid service for a list if satisfied customers or references. Ask the maid service representative what services they used and if their satisfaction with their service.

Learn More About Their Rates

The price of the cleaning service that you choose will depend on how often they visit your property and what you have asked. Also, consider the size of the house. Ask them to come and inspect your house.

Establish Your Expectations

If you'd like your maid service staff to pay extra attention in certain areas, let them know. Even though they are trained to find areas that haven’t been cleaned, they may still be able to identify an area that you have been noticing for a while. Make sure they know where to clean up on their first visit.

Before they clean a home, a professional maid company may request certain details. You might ask them to remove all the sheets from their beds before they come in. You should clarify their expectations before they visit. This will ensure that everyone is on the exact same page.

Connect to a Professional Maid Service

House Cleaning Redmond Oregon has the right solution for you. Our maid service is available for routine maintenance or deep cleaning.

Contact us today for a quote.


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