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What Risks Do Rats Pose?

Aug 21

It's not unusual to encounter unpleasant encounters with rodents within your home. However do you realize the dangers rats pose? Pests and insects of all kinds are more than a problem. They carry virus and bacteria that could cause illness to people. The ticks as well as fleas and mites who feed on rodents infected for example, could be capable of transmitting to humans via indirect transmission.

Hantavirus and lymphocytic meningitisand plague and tularemia are only some of the ailments that are affecting rats. They can also cause allergies and spread foodborne illnesses like salmonella. In addition rodents can produce as much as 25000 fecal pellets a year, or around 70 times per day. That means that elimination and prevention are crucial in the event of the presence of rodents. Our pest control Los Altos got some tips for you.

What Risks Do Rats Pose?

Rats pose a health risk for humans, and could create serious health problems. Because there are 35 diseases caused by rodents, let's take a look at some of them.


Hantavirus is among the most fatal disease that is caused by rodents. It can be contracted by eating products that have been exposed to rodents suffering from an infection caused by hantavirus or through droppings from rodents. Sometimes, it can be contracted by the inhalation of air that has been exposed to mice's excrement. In addition rodents are able to transmit the virus through saliva.

Hantavirus is a fatal illness. As there is no cure for this disease and it's impossible to treat it without prompt diagnosis. If you've come into contact with drops of mouse or rodent or any other kind and you are experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, discomfort or fever, consult a physician immediately! As per the CDC report, 36 percent in hantavirus cases across the United States resulted in mortality as of the year 2017.

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus

Another prevalent disease transmitted by rats is the lymphocytic-choriomeningitis virus (LCMV). LCMV is present within 5% of all home rates across the United States, according to the CDC. Mice may be affected throughout their lives and not show any indications of it. If your rodents are one of the 5% who is affected, it is best to be cautious when handling them.

LCMV occurs when individuals encounter nesting materials from rats infected, as well as their urine, saliva as well as their drops. While the illness isn't fatal but it can be fatal if you contract it several occasions. To prevent contracting LCMV stay clear of rodents and protect your house or office. This will ensure that rodents do not have the liberty to move into the house and then out.

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Bubonic Plague

The bubonic plague which led to "The Black Death" in the 14th century, killed between 30 % to 60 percent of the population of Europe and is still a major problem. Bubonic plague is the source of symptoms such as severe weakness, nausea and fever and stomach discomfort that can be seen bleeding through the mouth, nose or rectum, and underneath the skin. Also, it causes the darkening of tissues, which can lead to death. The modern availability of antibiotics makes it in a position to treat patients and also to prevent the possibility of dying but it doesn't alter the fact that the illness isn't without serious negative effects!

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