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Pest Control Brisbane - Important Facts About Ants

May 28

Ants Pest Control Brisbane

What should you know about ants? They are tiny, odorous insects that have powerful jaws and a sting. Ants can sting and they can carry food-borne diseases. Here are some important facts to know about ants and why you should get rid of them today! Read on to learn more! Ants are an important part of the food chain and need pest control to avoid them. Ants are responsible for a variety of diseases in our homes.

Ants are small insects with a sting

These little creatures are known to cause a lot of pain. Unlike most other insects, ants do not bite directly. Instead, they sting you multiple times, often with their venom-filled tail. There are several species of ants in Brisbane, including the bulldog ant, which is one of the biggest ants in Australia. These ants are commonly found in kitchens and other areas, and their sting can be quite painful.

They are omnivorous

You've probably heard that ants eat anything from dead insects to plant matter. While you may be surprised that they can consume so many different things, ants don't have any particular food preference. This is because ants are omnivorous, meaning they will eat almost anything! It is important to note that ants aren't the strongest creatures in the world. Although ants are capable of lifting as much as 50 times their weight, that's probably not indicative of their overall strength.

They are scavengers

Ants are scavengers by nature. They are the first animals to scavenge for food, cleaning up dead and decaying mammals and plants. While ants are very helpful in some ecosystems, they can be a serious nuisance when their nests get out of control. They can also pose a threat to people, pets, and children. Here are some things to know about these insects and how to deal with them.

They can cause food-borne diseases

The presence of ants in a food preparation area can pose a risk of transferring pathogenic bacteria to humans. In a study published in 2014, researchers discovered that ants carry a variety of pathogens from their habitat to food. While the study did not find any significant differences between kitchens and sampling sites, ants were significantly more likely to carry coliforms and Bacillus spp. than those found in a domestic kitchen.

They can damage wood

Carpenter ants have a particular affinity for rotten wood, which is the reason they prefer this type of wood for their nests. Although they do not consume wood, carpenter ants are capable of damaging the wood. Their nests are made of wood shavings and can even damage the structural integrity of a home. If you find nests made of wood, you need to take immediate action. Here are some tips to control the colony and prevent further damage.

They can be a nuisance in the home

If you have ants, you're not alone. In fact, ants are considered one of the most common household pests. According to a recent survey by the National Pest Management Association, they rank number one among nuisance pests in the US. There are over 700 species of ants in the U.S., and a small infestation can cause health and property damage. Here are some ways to get rid of ants and get back to enjoying your home without having to worry about your ant problem.

They can be controlled

There are several types of ants, but the most common ones found in Australia are the black house ants, coastal brown ant, and bull ant. These pests tend to live in large colonies and are active at night. It is important to keep good hygiene to avoid them, as you don't want to attract these pests to your home. However, there are ways to get rid of them, and a good local pest control company can help you with this.


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EPM Pest and Termite Control Brisbane

EPM Pest and Termite Control Brisbane

EPM Pest and Termite Control Brisbane